For anyone starting out on the adventure of a Thailand tour, Bangkok is actually the ideal starting place, a brilliant community of fun and culture, innovation and tradition.

Everyone’s seen pictures of its star attractions – น้ำตกกาญจนบุรี the Grand Palace as well as the Reclining Buddha, however these famous highlights don’t really exist in isolation, along with those looking to find something outside of the temples don’t have to go long. Here are a few outstanding Bangkok attractions which is usually discovered in close proximity to several of the most visited sights.

The National Museum

Even though the Grand Palace is unquestionably not to be left off the Thailand tour itinerary – the golden structures of its and popular emerald Buddha provide a look into the regal splendour of the city’s early days – there’s a lot more to find out in nearby.

To delve a bit of deeper into the story of Bangkok as well as the surrounding region, there’s no far better place as opposed to the National Museum, housed in a former palace belonging to the now defunct job of’ Deputy King’.

With a few halls showcasing treasures from major historic eras, this’s a gratifying museum for all those that are prepared to invest time investigating as well as exploring. The front side gallery provides an overview, after which the visitor is able to journey by history – from the beginnings of Buddhism in Southeast Asia up to the modern day.

The center of the museum is the initial palace, which houses instances of transportation, textiles, weaponry, instruments and much more – including a quite amazing imitation of a battle elephant. English-language tours are provided by way of the museum’s knowledgeable volunteers.

Pak Klong Talat

An additional common temple for all on a Thailand tour is actually Wat Po, once again for valid reason – house of the beautiful Reclining Buddha, it’s quieter and atmospheric wonderfully compared to the Grand Palace. But individuals who visit could make the most of an additional highlight of the region by visiting Pak Klong Talat, the 24 hour fruit as well as flower industry.

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