Should mint, fruit, and candy flavors in e cigarettes and vaping items be disallowed?
With twenty seven % of high school seniors having vaped in the prior month, many think a public health crisis is actually at hand. fourteen % of high school seniors have just used flavored vaping products, like candy, fruit, and mint.

In September, President Trump announced that the administration of his will prohibit the sale made of most flavored e cigarettes pod บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า, reportedly as a result of the effect of the First Lady Melania of his as well as daughter Ivanka. But practically the evening prior to the ban was taking effect in early November, Trump changed the brain of his, citing possible job losses.
So long as Trump remains president, any flavor ban would today presumably have to take effect through Congress.
What the bill does The Ending New Nicotine Dependencies (ENND) Act would ban all e cigarette flavors.
While that is the legislation’s major selling point, it’d additionally ban refillable cartridges, which some customers use to fill vaping items along with other fluids which are less secure. It’d likewise use the current $1.01 per pack federal tobacco excise tax to to e cigarettes too, from which the items are presently exempt.
It was created in the Senate on September nineteen as bill number S. 2519, by Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT).
What supporters say Supporters argue the legislation takes on one of this particular decade’s main public health problems.
“With almost a quarter of high school pupils vaping often, we need to take decisive action to avoid a brand new model from addiction and severe health risks,” Sen. Romney said in a press release.
“Let’s start by passing legislation which guarantees that non tobacco flavored vaping items are taken out of the marketplace and also stops vaping products from being adulterated with dangerous substances,” Sen. Romney continued. “The ENND Act is going to address the two of these issues, and also use the current tobacco excise tax to e cigarettes and make use of it to release a public awareness campaign.”

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